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David Rho David Rho - Associate Partner
David Rho is an Associate Partner at MMG Partners. He has worked on numerous projects for securities and financial firms with a focus on strategic and technology issues. He has a strong background in software development, with particular expertise in the implementation and maintenance of large-scale highly distributed systems.
His prior experiences include:
Bullet Implemented a message distribution system for a fixed income product, after working closely with the client. Developed the requirements and specifications through Use Case analysis and Object Model development
Bullet Evaluated a trading system for a pan-European exchange, during the installation of TIB/Exchange with a focus on capacity, scalability, and risks. Involved in a client group investigating technology questions during the development and testing period. Monitored TIB/Exchange development group during implementation of RORI (FIX interface) performance enhancements. Created a configuration guide for the specific implementation of TIB/Exchange focusing on areas critical for launch as well as providing a methodology for future growth. Assessed the Disaster Recovery readiness of the exchange and proposed a cost-effective DR solution
Bullet Completed a study of publishing systems for a global news organization to replace legacy terminals with modern systems capable of supporting multimedia content and multiple output channels including news wire formats and the Internet. Created a scorecard for evaluating the publishing systems with a stress on scalability and flexibility
Bullet Created an overview of recent technology for a proposed global financial news and commentary web site and acted in an advisory role on technology issues. Additionally, initiated a competitive pricing exercise to build an editing and delivery system for publishing information on the Internet
Bullet Developed a business case to obtain funding to build the DIFX exchange. Evaluated costs and capabilities of the exchange's systems to determine growth potential. Evaluated the trading, clearing and settlement, and depository systems, including support for cross border settlement.
Bullet Helped a Futures Exchange and a major sell-side firm develop a Market Data Strategy. Conducted interviews to determine the elasticity of demand. Benchmarked similar products to determine the data's value. Created pricing strategies for non-terminal distribution such as websites, and television.
Prior to joining MMG Partners, Mr. Rho worked as the Manager of Departmental Computing for the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology starting in 1992.
David has a B.S. in Computer Science with Electrical Engineering from MIT.