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Interview Process
The first step of the interview process is to review our open positions and to submit your application. If we feel like there is a good fit, we will get in touch with you to schedule an interview.

If you are currently a student, please check our campus recruiting schedule to find out when we will be visiting your campus.

Typically an applicant will go through at least two rounds of interviews. At each round, we use the case interview method as a way to get to know you better - and also for you to get a sense of the work that we do. Our cases are often based on real-life engagements, although sometimes the interviewer may throw in other types of cases to test your "out of the box" thinking.

There is no one "right" answer to our cases. We are more interested in how you demonstrate your structured thinking, rather than arriving at the right number. Your answer should be based on your experience and creative thinking, rather than regurgitating back the frameworks that you have learned in school. At MMG Partners, we are interested in generating measurable and lasting impact for our clients, and we encourage our consultants to "roll up their sleeves." We look for answers that reflect this belief.
Interview Process
So, what makes a good consultant?
Factors for Success:
"The key factors making for success in the management consulting field are qualities of character, intelligence, judgment, the ability to express oneself persuasively, self-confidence, and self-discipline."
Problem Solver:
"The consultant is a professional problem solver who likes solving problems for the thrill of it, for his/her own satisfaction. S/he likes to face a variety of problems frequently. S/he's not the kind of person who could sit for twenty years behind the same desk."
Team Leader:
"The professional consultant must plan and organize much of his/her own work, must readily grasp and assume effective control of situations which are inherently unclear, and must be able to lead people over whom s/he excercises no authority."
Typically each interview is broken down into two types of interviews:
"The Fit" and "The Case"
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