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Our Clients
MMGP is a strategy consulting firm focused on the financial services and securities industry. We have served a substantial portion of the world's leading institutions, including but not limited to exchanges, investment firms and market vendors.
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Bullet American Stock Exchange
Bullet Amsterdam Stock Exchange
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Bullet Bolsa de Bilbao Stock Exchange
Bullet California Power Exchange
Bullet Chicago Board of Trade
Bullet Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Bullet Chicago Stock Exchange
Bullet Depository Trust Corporation
Bullet Deutsche Boerse
Bullet Dubai Stock Exchange DIFX
Bullet  Frankfurt Stock Exchange
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Bullet  NASDAQ
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Bullet  Philadelphia Board of Trade
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Bullet  Toronto Stock Exchange
Bullet  Investment Firms
Bullet Barclay's
Bullet Credit Lyonnais
Bullet Credit Suisse First Boston
Bullet Deutsche Bank
Bullet Merrill Lynch
Bullet Montgomery Securities
Bullet Susquehanna International Group
Bullet  Paine Webber
Bullet  Paribas
Bullet  Societe Generale
Bullet  Swiss Bank Corporation
Bullet  Union Bank of Switzerland
Bullet  Wall Street Access
Bullet Trading and Market Data Firms
Bullet CFO Web
Bullet Debt/Domain
Bullet Instinet
Bullet Dow Jones
Bullet Reuters
Bullet Thomson Financial
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Bullet American Express
Bullet John Hancock
Bullet Medco
Bullet  PNC
Bullet  Washington Mutual
Bullet  Pacific Life
Bullet  Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms
Bullet Battery Ventures
Bullet Blackstone
Bullet Asia Capital
Bullet  Gorilla Capital
Bullet  Warburg Pincus